Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving (without the turkey dinner)

Greg’s first week as a Cirque du Soleil artist has sounded fun and impressive.

He’s in a decent little dorm-style single apartment, with private bathroom and kitchenette.

Each day he works out at a gym, and practices in the cone for two 2-hour sessions. (they assigned him one session – he requested a second one put on the schedule).

The rest of the day he has various meetings with directors and business people. The week has included
- 3D full-body scans for costume measurements
- Finding out that our health insurance, life insurance, & disability insurance are going to be more comprehensive than anything we’ve had in our lives
- Getting free physical therapy sessions as often as he wants (3x per week has been their recommendation, to loosen up his back and shoulders)
- Acting classes and company meetings, learning about the show.

On day 1, they showed him his own training area, and told him that the cone would be set up there. For day 2, he says, “At 8 am I was supposed to check out the setup of the rigging and lighting for the cone. It was all completed before I got there. I am going to have to get used to technicians getting everything done right on the first try and getting it done very fast.”

On day 3, he requested a few amenities for his practice area – a table, a fan, a clock, a power strip. It was all there on day 4. So on day 4, he says, “I made a request for a small refrigerator filled with beer (its worth a try, lets see what shows up tomorrow!). Whether the Cirque people understand Greg's sense of humor remains to be seen.

In the meantime, life in Philadelphia proceeds as normal. It’s Thanksgiving, but I did not to go anywhere – opted instead to just stay at home with the kids, spending the whole day with them (which I don’t do often enough.) We went to Center City for the Thanksgiving Day Parade, spent the afternoon baking, and watched the Peter Pan DVD on my computer. With all that, and the excitement of having a bunny rabbit living with us (Coconut belongs to the preschool, we took her home for the holiday), it’s been busy enough.

No turkey for dinner tonight, but instead we made Thanksgiving turkey-shaped pizzas!

We’ve been trying to figure out Skype… Greg’s Internet connection in Montreal is, apparently, super-slow. So video chat with him is like some kind of still-motion film. Any seasoned Skype users out there know how to handle this problem? Perhaps I will just get used to it. The kids weren’t quite sure what to make of it, and of the audio going in-and-out, when they tried to talk with him this evening.

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  1. Here I am experienced international Skype user and all I can say is - Skype sucks. Sorry, but it's true - the connections crash, the audio fades in and out and the picture is not always working. It stinks that expenses are higher than you realized - the same thing happened to us when Andre was in NYC. Keep on blogging - I love it!