Sunday, December 13, 2009

Below zero

So apparently it's a wee bit chilly in Canada. Greg has been less-than-thrilled about the below-zero temperatures and massive snowfall in Montreal this week. On a weekend like this one, there's not much he can do but sit in his room - he made one brave walk out to the grocery store, and that was more than enough.

In his training news, he's still spending about 4 hours a day in the cone, and doing a lot of videotaping himself, and watching the videos to see what's working. During the rest of the weekdays he has "staging" time with the artistic director, costume fittings, and other events like acting coaching and physical therapy.

He has had to shift his training times a little to work around some of the other artists. Even though he has his own area with the cone setup, the noise of it was bothering people.

On a side note, many of you have been asking what we're going to do for the kids' schooling when we're on tour. Cirque has schools! Each touring show has its own little school, which serves minors who perform in the show, as well as children of artists. They say that the average school size is 8-12 kids. Baz and Ayla will be eligible to begin right away when we arrive - Baz will be following a 2nd-grade curriculum and Ayla a 1st-grade curriculum. There is no schooling or anything for Isa, she'll just be home with me.

We have no idea yet, what other kids will be on the tour, and whether or not ours will have friends their own age.

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