Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I had some sweet holiday times with the kids today. First, we went out and got our tree. I didn't know if we would be able to manage this without Greg; we've never done it without him before. But guess what? It wasn't so hard. We picked out a slightly smaller tree than usual, so I could be sure that Baz & Ayla could hold it up while I tightened the bolts in the tree stand. We were a great team, picking it out, getting it off the car and into the house (Baz and I carried it together!), setting it up and then helping to clean up afterwards. Felt like quite an accomplishment. Tomorrow evening we'll decorate.

After a quick dinner break, we put on some Christmas music and I treated the kids to their first candy canes of the season. (we're still at the age where a candy treat is an all-evening sort of event.)

"Do They Know It's Christmas?" song came on, and I took the opportunity to sit down with the kids and explain to them about hunger, and famine. And about the musicians who made the song, and about Christmas as the season of giving. They all listened very carefully, and I told them that if they wanted to, we could send some money this Christmas to people who are hungry in other parts of the world. They all wanted to run for their piggybanks right away. I told them it can wait till tomorrow, and we can decide together how much money to send, and to whom.

Sometimes it's just awe-inspiring, to have these little minds growing up around me. To be the first person to tell them what war is, or why stores leave lights on for security, or what to do if they ever lose me in a public place. To see the wide-eyed fear and worry in their eyes, and then their reassurance as they trust me to take care of them.

I suppose I am noticing these moments more now that I am on my own with them, since Daddy isn't here to share that role. And also since I have been taking off more time from teaching to be with the kids. All those politicians who step out of public life saying they want to spend more time with their family - they're not just making this up. These are times we'll never be able to re-create.

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  1. Sweet post Shana! I had to laugh when I see what your 'smaller than usual' sized tree is. We always get the smallest/Charlie Brown sized tree they have! Miss you friend.