Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Home and back

Greg came home this past weekend. Sort of. He got a rental car in Montreal, left on Wednesday afternoon and drove 8 hours home. Stayed the night, left the next morning for a gig in West Virginia. On Sunday he drove back from West Virginia (6 hours), visited with us for 3 hours, and then drove 8 more hours back to Montreal.

The rental minivan for the 5 days, including all of the international-border-crossing surcharges, cost over $600. And he was exhausted... he had physical therapy on Monday, where they apparently confirmed that driving a car for 14 hours in one day is not good for his body.

But now he is back in his regular routine up there, and we are back in ours. Our routines seem to involve a lot of mad-dash scrambling to get out of the house in the morning, schlepping around in the minivan all day long, mealtime battles, a house that seems to get messier by the minute, and not enough sleep. (me, anyway. the kids are sleeping fine!) Speaking of which, I'd better turn in before I fall asleep on the keyboard...

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