Friday, January 8, 2010

Cirque progress

Greg reports that the time demands of rehearsals have been stepped up in Montreal. They're still not working Saturdays - but weekday hours have been extended from 9am-10pm. This doesn't mean he's working the entire time - but he can be called on the schedule for staging, meetings or coaching any time during those hours.

Lately he's been putting in a lot of time staging for other people's acts - scenes where he is supposed to be an extra, or an observer, and they're setting that up now. He has fun stories about equipment malfunctions, and today he and another artist were assigned the task of carrying a 150-lb. prop onto the stage for another person's act. He's not happy about this, and complains to the director - he says it's do-able to carry it, but how is it going to feel when they're doing 10 shows a week, 350 shows a year?

He's most happy that they've started serving dinner at headquarters, now that the Cirque 2010 staff are staying later. Apparently the quality and variety of the food is quite good, and pretty affordable. (his meals are not paid for right now, during the rehearsal period.)

And now it's the weekend. He will have nothing much to do all day Saturday and Sunday in his room... headquarters is firmly closed, and the Arctic weather will keep him from venturing out any further than the grocery store.

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