Friday, January 22, 2010

January happenings

Greg finally decided to do a long-term car rental. So, for at least the next couple of months, he should have an easier time commuting back and forth from Montreal. He can come down any weekend that he's not working Saturdays. Officially, on the schedule, they're on-call as late as 10pm Mondays-Fridays and half-day on Saturday. He's not always needed for these hours, however.

This month the director of the show, Robert Lepage, is doing all of the "staging" - designing all of the action that's happening during the show. During February he won't be there, so they will presumably focus on rehearsing everything that was created. There are many times during "staging" that Greg is there for someone else's act, but doing very little - observing the scene, or moving stage pieces around, or interacting with other characters.

...I had a very Proustian moment this morning while dropping the kids off at school and childcare... a certain traffic pattern just sent a wash of memories over me, of England. I could feel myself there. And for the first time, I think, I had a little rush of sudden joy, realizing that I'll be there again soon. By the end of this year I'll be in London. And not for a whirlwind tour... I'll be there for weeks, long enough to really breathe it all in. And for me, walking the streets of a European city is the most soothing sense of peace-with-the-world that I know.

In the meantime, in Philadelphia, the kids and I have been doing our regular things, and keeping busy. I thought I would post this 1.5-minute video here today, to show you some of their extracurricular activities!


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  1. Hey Shana,
    Love to catch up - wow - the Cirque sounds super intense! Glad Greg is getting a car - that will make life easier. It's cool too how you are excited and looking forward to London time. And, of course I love the video - good editing and soundtrack- I can't even rotate mine. xoxo all around, Rebecca