Friday, February 19, 2010

February happenings

A milestone this weekend, Greg's doing his last solo show before Cirque, at Bergen County Community College in NJ. He's taken a few of these gigs this winter - driving down from Montreal. It's exhausting and logistically challenging, but he needs the funds, and he likes keeping himself fresh with all of his show material.

There's a lot happening right now, in both of our lives. Greg's in a kind of rehearsal rut ... the director is absent for the month of February, so a lot of decisions seem to be in limbo; his new cone is not yet built; and he's feeling frustrated with some of the bigger-picture stuff (show content) and some of the littler-picture stuff (his lighting & music). They have just two more weeks before they move the show down to central Montreal. New housing, and the real tent where the show will open. Greg is hoping for better Internet access there! We also expect that, after that point (March 9), he will no longer be able to commute down to Philadelphia on weekends.

In the meantime, it's audition season at PSCA. Besides Kendra's ongoing audition for various things... she's coached three acts that are auditioning for Circus Smirkus this weekend. And two PSCA staffers are auditioning in Montreal for Ecole Nationale de Cirque next week! So lots of nail-biting going on. And the other big PSCA news is that wonderful Robin Marcotte has begun work as Managing Director. I'm slowly beginning to pass on my roles and responsibilities at the circus school. eek!

When we have time in the evenings, the kids and I like to watch Muzzy, French-language learning DVDs. This is more for fun and practice, than for any particular need - they're not going to have to speak French on tour. If anything, I expect most of their peers to be Russian and Chinese! But French is fun for me, and easily accessible for them, so it seems a good place to start. It's interesting how they respond to it... they all love watching the cartoon stories, of course, and Ayla, of the three of them, seems to be the most natural at actually picking up on the words, and remembering them. Baz, ever Mr. Literal, prefers vocabulary lists, and doesn't like having to just listen and absorb. And who knows what Isa is getting out of it all... :)

We're all excited for tomorrow, we've been invited to a party at the circus school! Our friend Naomi is celebrating her 8th birthday, I'm looking forward to being a party guest.

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