Thursday, February 11, 2010

More snow

Mother Nature was not through with us. On Tuesday night, four days after the first mega-storm, we were hit with another major snowstorm, which spread another 18-24" of snow across the Philadelphia region. This really put us over the edge... the Philadelphia schools were closed on Monday to recover from the last storm, and now they're closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as well.

This has been a really amazing, and difficult, experience for me. I can't remember being trapped in the house during a blizzard since I was a kid. To now be in the position of responsibility... listening anxiously to the radio news reports, fretting over the poorly-stocked refrigerator, wondering what we'll do if we lose electricity ... it's been much more stressful than I expected. And to be honest, spending three days at home with the kids does not make for a terrifically relaxed Mommy in the first place. Although Baz, Ayla, and Isa have been for the most part really great at entertaining themselves, I'm still not proud of the amount of times I've snapped at them over ridiculous stuff.

Some lessons learned from this little adventure.

- Do not let your child play outside alone during the early part of the snowstorm. The child is fine - snow shovels are completely lost, somewhere mid-yard under several feet of snow.

- Get self dressed to go out in snow before children. Otherwise, you may discover, after all kids are wrapped up like Eskimos in front of you, that someone in a fit of mischief has unthreaded the laces of your snowboots, necessitating a 20-minute repair.

- Sweatpants underneath windbreaker pants, with regular socks, are not good enough snow gear for a romping 6-year-old boy. Attached to this lesson were various methods of re-heating a child screaming in pain from frozen hands and feet.

- If you ever consider purchasing a single house on a corner lot, take a moment to consider the snow shoveling. Just give it some good, serious thought.

Baz and I succeeded in making our first-ever snow tunnel today.

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  1. Love the snow tunnel - and the sensors on Greg! How awesome. So great that you have found a new manager - email me more details!
    Thinking of you all....