Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Greg's notes

Greg is in good spirits this week. They have moved down to the Big Top, and to housing in central Montreal with good Internet access. Director is back on site, so Greg's feeling like progress will be happening much more quickly. A few of his recent notes:

"A long day today (8am-10:30pm), but it is really good to be moving forward again. To be honest, I think I am happiest when I am working here. It is the days off that get to me."

"Food at the cafeteria on site is good. Maybe too good, I lost 10 pounds since November and I don't want to put it back on. I have started working out at the gym on site. The one at the hotel is a bit dreary."

"Also got the first glow ball today. Looks really good and performs like crap. I think we have figured out why there are no bouncing glow balls commercially available today. Hope to have a full set by next week. Lots of practice will be needed. They have 96 LEDs in each ball."

"I also talked to housing about Quebec City. Apparently they couldn't find an apartment they felt was big enough so they are renting us a house. A bit farther away from the tent than the other artists, but I am told it is very nice and big. It has free parking too, so a car might be good. Here at the Montreal apartment parking is about $80 per month."

This last part relates to the fact that I crashed our minivan last week, and we are trying to decide whether or not to get it fixed.

Today he was on site all day and never got to do his staging with the director, so I asked him what he did all day. He said training in the cone, then coaching his understudy, then a break, then a workout at the gym, then Physio (aka Massage), then two hours practicing doing his makeup. He'll be expected to do it himself - no makeup artists travel with the show. So for now, he sits with a makeup person and trains it, like any other skill.

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