Sunday, March 7, 2010


Greg came home this weekend with booklets of information! Here are answers to a few questions people have been asking me.

- Cirque 2010 is going to be in Montreal from April 22 - July 11. Greg recommends that if you're coming up to Montreal to see the show, just go ahead and buy tickets in advance online. He can sometimes get access to free tickets, but they're REALLY last-minute (they'll release them 5 minutes AFTER the show starts). Not a good option if you're traveling a long distance.

- There seem to be 8-10 shows per week. Dark on Mondays, one show on Tues., one on Wed., and then two on Thurs., Fri., Sat., Sun.

- Now that they're onsite with the tent, they're setting up a schedule that will be more like our regular touring life. There is an on-site kitchen, open from 12noon-9:30pm most days, where Greg and the kids can eat their lunch and dinner for free, and I have to pay.

- some cafeteria rules - sodas and espresso coffees must be paid with cash. shirts are required. you must wash your hands upon arrival.

- their hotel is 20 minutes away from the tent site by bus. The residence hall at headquarters is slightly further away.

And one final piece of information... Greg and I have decided that the best date for me and the kids to leave Philadelphia is JUNE 15. Greg has two days off from the show, June 14 & 15. He will fly down to Philly on the 14th, and then he can drive back to Montreal with us on the 15th. Having his help will make that final pack-up and departure (not to mention the road trip) so much easier, so we are willing to miss Baz's last few days of school.

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  1. Wow - June 15th is really soon! Tent looks awesome!