Sunday, April 18, 2010

Things have gone awry

Yesterday afternoon, the kids and I drove north, headed to Montreal. We made it as far as the New York border - nearly 3 hours - before realizing we had left our passports at home.

We turned around and headed back to Philadelphia.

Just outside Philly, on 95 southbound, a carpet had been left in the road. The car in front of me slammed on his brakes. I slammed into the back of his car. And behind me, another car hit me. It was terrifying, and horribly reminiscent of the accident I was in just a month ago.

A quick check established that I had three unhurt but very distressed children. And I was unhurt except for some whiplash. My cell phone battery was nearly dead. After doing all of the requisite information-exchanging with the two other drivers, having them call the police, and leaving a couple of hysterically-crying messages on Greg's voice mail, I managed to put in two more phone calls before the battery died - AAA and Dave Smith.

Dave, who often plays the role of Knight In Shining Armor in both my life and Greg's, arrived a little while later ready to help. (Dave, if you're reading, I am so grateful to you, for this and all of the other times you've been there...) AAA was not far behind, and I was able to send Dave on his way and get the tow-truck guy to take the van. We piled all the kids inside and arrived home, nearly two hours after the initial crash. My poor tired kids... Isa fell asleep in the back of the tow truck.

And now, I have this mess to deal with. We are not going to Montreal (despite my parents' extremely generous offer to come down and fetch us!) We are junking the car, and not getting another one. I'm honestly tempted to just turn in my driver's license, as I feel well and truly finished with driving. But for today I am just taking things slow. Unpacking. Rearranging my schedule for the week. Pausing now and then to ice my neck.

And trying to consider all of the ways in which this could have been worse.

I am normally a very lucky person. I have lived a life remarkably free of grief and misfortune. For a short while last night and this morning, I wallowed in self-pity, thinking, how could this happen to me? But today, I am looking around me and counting blessings.

We are all healthy and safe.

The weather is beautiful - we are forced to walk everywhere now, with the sunshine and the flowers in bloom.

I had nothing scheduled for 4 days, so it's a good opportunity to catch up on some things around the house.

We may not make it to Montreal before June. But we will get there, and we will see the show plenty of times.

There was no teen flash mob at the circus school last night. (long story!)

...and then just in general, I'm feeling grateful for my superhero neighbors across the street, for everyone running PSCA beautifully in my absence, and for all of our supportive extended family. I am still leading a charmed life, and now I'm just going to take a deep breath and make the most of what I have.


  1. and I am grateful to you for hanging in there so that I can go to a circus school. So sorry that you had such a crappy month. So glad that you are all fine. Kate O

  2. Hey! I love you! So sorry you got into another accident - this is just so stressful. But glad the kids and you are OK. Take care of your neck and your spirit. I'm glad you are counting your blessings - but whining is OK at a time like this as well! xoxo