Saturday, April 3, 2010

With Cirque - sort of

On the night we arrived, Greg had just finished the first Lion's Den. This is what they officially call it when all of the Cirque VIPs come out to vet the new show. Only 2.5 weeks before opening, and they expect lots of changes afterwards, even possibly cutting some acts! Greg, and all of the cast members, were pretty nervous, but apparently the performance went very well.

The following day, we all went for a walk in the morning, and then the kids and I were pretty much on our own, Greg had to work all afternoon & evening. We went out walking through Chinatown (which is actually called the China Quarter here - it's a pretty big area), and then stopped in at the Basilica of Notre Dame. We weren't allowed to go inside because Good Friday services were happening; so I promised the kids we'd come back another day to have their first real Cathedral experience. In the meantime, here's a photo of them outside.

Then there was grocery shopping and making our way home (this all took us about three hours, and we really didn't go very far!)

I am shocked and awed by the prices of things here. Greg had warned me that stuff is expensive, and we are in the middle of Centre-Ville near the waterfront, but still, it's rough. I bought two magazines and a snack-size pack of chips at a convenience store this afternoon for $16.80! These are Canadian dollars, but the exchange rate right now is almost equal.

(a photo of Isa in our suite. Greg and kids are lounging around in the background)

My other complaint of the day is that we are not, in our time up here, actually allowed to see the Cirque show, or even to go onto the show grounds. This is a combination of factors. First - until we officially join Greg on the tour, June 15, accommodations are not provided for us. They rented this room for us in a separate hotel-suite facility as a favor to Greg, this is not official policy. If we decide to come up again before June, we may have to squeeze into Greg's single hotel room.
Second - during these last-minute rehearsal days especially, what goes on under the Cirque tent is top-secret. Families are allowed in to watch only certain run-throughs on certain days, and we aren't here for one of those days. So, obeying the rules, he can't even bring us in for a tour of the tent.

The kids seem distracted enough by other things to not be too upset about this. Myself, I'm disappointed. I want to start feeling like I'm a part of Greg's world here, but so far I need to stay on the outside. And I realize I'm really quite anxious to meet some of the other performers on the show. Knowing that these people are going to become a sort of family for the next couple of years... that we will be each other's social network and support; I want to meet them. I want to see their faces, and talk with them, and hopefully start to make some friends.

We have been able to glimpse some video footage of the show. It's pretty darn cool. That's all I can say for now!

One last photo to close... here are Baz and Ayla conquering some public art in Montreal.

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  1. Gosh, only about two and a half months left, right? Thanks for the update and I'm glad y'all got a chance to go up before June.


    PS: Darling picture of Isa!