Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kids Circus Show and Zoo

For the first (and only?) time, my 3 little ones took part in the Kids Circus Showcase at PSCA.

Here are a couple little moments of Isa's performance:

video video

And Ayla:

And Baz:

(I'll edit a few more snippets together later this week.)

And now a few photos - Greg came home for a very short visit today (less than 24 hours!) - so we took the kids to the zoo.

Isa with one of her beloved zebras.

Ayla with today's favorite, flamingos.

And Baz with a dinosaur statue.

Happy kids! Daddy, a hot sunny day, and the zoo. We got soft pretzels and souvenir toys at the end. Couldn't ask for a better day than that!

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  1. Love the performances. They all did very well and looked at ease doing it...must be a genetic thing. The zoo pictures are great but it's the captions that I like best. Kate O