Saturday, May 29, 2010

Putting our lives in storage

The packing / moving phase is accelerating. My parents came down for the weekend, and with their help, and Anthony's, I rented a storage unit (10' x 15') in a nearby facility, rented a cargo van, and brought over the first round of belongings. It's about half of the furniture we own. A lot of the rest is going to Craig's List or to our Yard Sale (planned for June 12). And then the very last items (dining room set, mattresses) we'll bring over here the day before we leave.

There's still enough room in the storage unit for more, and Greg is hoping to move his show equipment here in September.

I'm glad to be moving forwards, but I have to admit that I've had a new sense of panic this week. Not so much overwhelmed/exhausted - I've been doing a good job of easing out of my work responsibilities and having more time with the kids, and at home. This is a new feeling, a kind of paralysis, looking around and just not knowing what to do.

Fortunately I have a lot of help this week. After the weekend with my parents, Greg will come home for a very short time on Monday (20 hours or so!) and then my sister will come down to visit mid-week.

Just two weeks left in Philadelphia.

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  1. “This is a new feeling, a kind of paralysis, looking around and just not knowing what to do.” – I definitely know that feeling. Moving to one place can be overwhelming. I remember when I was moving to my new residence, I did not know where to start. Good thing my friends helped me pack my things and got the big boxes on the storage. After almost a week, I was all set. But I think you managed to get everything in order. With a storage facility, moving can be a breeze.