Sunday, May 23, 2010

Show number....

More TOTEM video footage is making its way to YouTube:

You'll see in that video a segment that they call "High Bar" or "Carapace" where four guys are doing giant swings around bars. It's a beautiful image.

Greg tells me that there is a big white board in the artistic tent, where every day there are notices of any show changes. It also includes information like the temperature and humidity in the tent that day. Greg's favorite part is where it lists the show number - for example, Totem #34. He asked about this - does the number get re-set in each city? The answer is no - it will continue to climb, as the show travels on into the future, till it's into the hundreds, and thousands.

Last week they had rope-climbing practice in the artistic tent - required for anyone who needs to access the stage from the overhead grid. Normally, they are climbing up ladders and scaffolding, not ropes. But they have a rule that anyone who works up there must be able to climb a rope, as a backup. Just about everyone who needs to be up there, of course, can climb ropes with just their hands, upside-down, blindfolded... :)

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