Thursday, May 6, 2010

Student Showcases

Tonight was the first of this year's Student Showcases. There will be 5 in total.
The theme tonight was "The Fabric Show!" as all 8 of the acts in the show were on aerial fabric.

I was nervous about how last-minute thrown together everything was feeling. When I arrived at PSCA at 6:30pm, for the 8:00pm show, the curtains weren't hung over the windows. The lights weren't focused or cued. The rigging wasn't set up. Chairs weren't out. The backdrop wasn't up. I started to panic!

But in the next hour and a half, everyone pitched in. Lights were programmed, sound was checked, mats and chairs were all set up. There was no crisis. Everyone worked calmly, and professionally, and supportively. And in the end, putting on the show felt easy.

Some of the best parts:

- Pre-show pow-wow. Looking around at all of these beautiful faces, many of whom have been part of numerous showcases with me. The performers tonight were Laurie Lenox, Michele Clark, Victoria Barry, Amy Morrissey, Chris Morrissey, Lynn Sabin, Faye Flam, Kitsie Lundell and Harley Newton.

- Cleaning out the closet. I've decided that this week is my chance to pull out all the outfits in the back of my closet, dating back to college, which I'm never going to wear again - for one last hurrah. Tonight's was the Little Black Dress.

- Singing happy birthday to Faye.

- Harley hinting that she might move back to Philadelphia if we campaign hard enough.

- the vibe of Robin's support from the back of the room. Since he joined PSCA I've been feeling this huge sense of relief. All of the worries and preoccupations of the circus school are no longer just my responsibility. Robin shares all of it - along with the moments of pride, joy, and excitement. Even though I've certainly never been alone in this process - I have many wonderful colleagues, students and friends in the circus school - this is still a different thing, having a Managing Director. It's pretty awesome.

- Word Up!

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  1. I wanted a photo of you in the little black dress (and hey, you should keep it) - glad to hear things are going well with Robin!