Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stuff We Do

Ride the bus.

Climb on things.

Attend preschool musical theater.

Puree vegetables and mix them into favorite foods. This will take a little explanation. Have you heard of this book, Deceptively Delicious? It's written by Jerry Seinfeld's wife. The principle sounds wrong in so many ways - defeated in trying to get kids to each vegetables, Jessica Seinfeld purees all kinds of veggies and sneaks them into her kids' diets.

A little background here - First, I am not a cook. Second - my oldest child, Baz, is in contention for the pickiest-eater-on-the-planet award. I am convinced that the old adage about "if he gets hungry enough, he'll eat it" simply does not apply to Baz... that he would, in fact, starve to death in front of a plate full of fruits and vegetables. According to my parents, I was just as bad, and so I blame genetics. As a result, this is a 7-year-old boy who has never eaten an intact piece of fresh fruit, or a vegetable, outside perhaps a kernel or two of corn, in his entire life. I am often amazed that he continues to function. Shouldn't he have scurvy or something? Do Flinstones vitamins really compensate for 7 years' worth of white and brown foods?

Deceptively Delicious has eased my anxious-mom mind. My boy's favorite dinner now, which he begs for and consumes in mass quantities, is Orange Couscous. This is couscous, mixed with a little bit of butter, and a whole lot of pureed carrots and yellow squash. In a single sitting, Baz now unknowingly consumes nearly an entire squash, and about a 1/3 of a bag of baby carrots. It's the closest thing I've experienced to a Genuine Miracle.

Our second-most consumed recipes from this book are Sweet Potato Pancakes, and Cauliflower-and-Soy Mac N Cheese. Sounds insane, I know, but it actually works for my 7, 5, and 3 year olds. I have to admit though that the Spinach Brownies were a serious mistake.

Who'd have thought that one of the big items I'm going to regret leaving in Philadelphia is a food processor??


  1. I've been wondering about that book - leave it behind for me to try! I've also been wondering how much stuff you are allowed to bring with you - like one carry one suitcase per family member or what???? xoxox Rebecca

  2. I've got the same questions as Rebecca plus another that Rebecca has probably asked and had answered by now. How will the kids be educated while traveling? By the way, Jessica Seinfeld's book is probably one I should get for me. Can't stand fruits.

  3. Not sure yet about how much stuff we can travel with - I'll give you full details on that once I'm actually there! Re: kids school, there is a school with the show. It's a separate trailer on site. They'll begin in August.

  4. My kids were as "selective" as yours and they are healthy and robust all in one...on another note, thank you for introducing me to the circus world and all of its wonders. I am a better person for it.