Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Anxiety building

As the days tick by (and my house remains a chaotic, unpacked mess), I'm feeling more and more anxious. Must sort through food in cabinets. Complete final projects at work. Advertise the yard sale. Cancel gym membership. Return library books. etc. etc. it is a long list, and I often seem to be a nervous wreck and can't face any of it.

Sometimes in the evening I watch Cirque videos, which are comforting and inspiring - reminding me why I'm doing this. My latest favorite:

Here in Philadelphia, the last few days, I've also had a lot of nice times with friends. Last playdates, last lunches together.

One friend and colleague, Christy Gorigoitia, has started her own blog:

Aerial Mind

It's a beautiful way that she thinks about aerial work, and her site has a lot to offer. Her latest entry is so touching!

As a final thought tonight... here's what summer evenings are about. Kids with popsicles on the back porch, counting fireflies.

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