Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back to the chapiteau

Today it was back to the Cirque tent for more adventures. First, Greg took us around the Artistic Tent a bit, showing the kids his puppet in the wardrobe area. In the photo, Greg is using the real puppet, while Baz has the prototype original that Greg used to work with.

Various acts were training on stage during the afternoon, so we got to sit in on a few rehearsals. All of the artists have different needs during their training times. The perch pole act is training a new porter for one of their big tricks. The unicycle girls seem to be just drilling and drilling. Greg is trying out new patterns with glowballs, and continually training Dmitry as his understudy.

Here's a photo I took of Dmitry working in the cone, with Greg and the kids perched nearby, watching. Dmitry is having very successful runs with the routine at this point. There are no immediate plans to have him fill in, but a costume is being made for him, so he will be ready if needed, probably in a couple of months.

After hanging around the tent for a while, I headed off to Body Balancing class. The front-of-house manager offered this free fitness class for anyone who wanted to take it. It was mostly administrative and front-of-house staff, and we had a great time, hopefully it will continue again next week.

Speaking of fitness, I took a yoga class this week at Ashtanga Yoga Montreal. It's been probably five years since my last yoga class, and whoa am I out of shape! (full disclosure - I was probably never really in good yoga shape). I thought I was going to die about 5 minutes into the class. So I'm proud of just surviving that one, and I am sore! ...of course I'll be going back next week.


  1. I'm having a wonderful time following your blog, envious of your new experiences and courage. It will be fun continuing to follow your family's adventures. I love your videos! Brendan and I are coming to Montreal in early August and if the show is still there will definitly come and see it.

  2. Hey Shana
    this blog is so wonderful to read.
    Are you able to continue your aerial training? I don't know what's the deal with non-performers training in the Artistic Tent?
    Anyway, this all sounds sooo wonderful.

  3. Lynda, we will be in Quebec City starting July 22! maybe a day trip? would love to see you. T., I don't know yet how much I'm really allowed to do in the Artistic Tent (official rule is Nothing), but I'm not too worried about it. I'm in a non-aerial-training phase, which started almost a year ago. And I'm pretty busy when I'm in the Artistic Tent keeping my 3 goslings under control.

  4. Hi Shana,

    I will have to check out the logistics of Quebec City vs Montreal. We are driving from upstate NY July 31 and will be in Montreal until August 3rd. Anything you need from home that I can bring up at least closer to you?