Thursday, June 3, 2010

Goodbye Big Backyard

It's beginning - the season of graduations, goodbyes, endings. Thank-you notes, gifts, letters, cards, hugs, and of course, tears.

Today was Ayla's last day as a preschooler. I surprised myself by getting all choked up when it was time to go - an ending to this chapter, and to this beautiful community that has taken care of my family for the last four years. I can't believe how fortunate we've been.

The Big Backyard is a co-operative preschool in Mt. Airy. Co-operative means that the parents share the work of running the school - we act as classroom assistants, snack-providers, cleaners, bookkeepers, etc. It creates an environment where the parents really get to know one another, and we share, with the teachers, the care of our children.

One of my favorite recent rituals at BBY: at the end-of-year picnic, the teachers give every child an award. Here's the presentation for Ayla's:


It's the "Best Fairy-House Maker, Helper to All, Smarty Girl Award".

And here are a couple of photos of her with BBY friends... (showing off their awards of course)

We're going to miss this place.

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