Friday, June 25, 2010

Life in the hotel

Inspired by my friend Rebecca's excellent blog,, a brief portrait of the place we live in Montreal, the Hotel Trylon.


The kids' favorite item in the apartment, I think, is the glass table where we eat our meals. For some reason it is endlessly entertaining to be able to watch your own feet in action while dining.

The other thing they LOVE in the hotel is, predictably, the pool downstairs. It's a small pool, and none too warm, so Greg and I grit our teeth every time we bring the kids down for a swim. Baz especially is really getting the hang of swimming - and Ayla and Isa are progressing at normal pace. I do wish there was someone who could give them actual swimming lessons... but for now at least, Mom and Dad will have to suffice.

I brought a small stepstool from home so the kids can reach the sinks. But unfortunately the one I brought is too small for Isa. It's the little things you discover while traveling.

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