Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Michael Jackson Show

I have to hand it to Ms. Paulino, the Henry School music teacher. She put together an entire show of Michael Jackson dances - every class had a song they danced to, from the Kindergarten's "Bad" to the 8th Grade's re-enactment of the "Thriller" video.

The show was really very entertaining, and it was inspiring to see how much this music unified the kids - and the entire school community. For Michael Jackson show day, the whole school was dressed in signature colors (black, white, red) plenty of hats, gloves, sequins, socks and shoes to match.

The show opened with the 2nd graders singing and dancing their hearts out to "Black and White". Was I the only one who teared up?

Baz, like many of the kids in his class, took his performance quite seriously, and spent many afternoons practicing in the living room. (sisters make good audience members.)


And below is the video of performance day! Baz is on the left at the beginning, and then he's pretty hard to see once the other class steps in. But then the other class goes away again, and you'll see him for the second half. He's right near the star, his buddy Chase, who is uncannily awesome at being Michael. These kids are 7 years old!



  1. Awesome! I would have loved to see it...
    Sounds like you have everything sort of under control - congratulations! Keep breathing!

  2. Chase is awesome and I love the fact that Baz grows up in a family culture that understands the importance of rehearsing. The video is also a comment on your appreciation of performance because the camera is not focused only on Baz! Kate O