Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time with the kids

Monday was Greg's day off. We spent most of the day out with the kids - finally got the bikes all set up so that the 5 of us can bike-ride together. (Baz on his bike, Ayla on the Trail-A-Bike attached to mine, and Isa in a seat on the back of Greg's). We biked all around the waterfront area, eventually stopping to explore the clock tower and to go up its 192 steps.

On Tuesday, the kids and I visited the Grande Bibliotheque, and then spent the afternoon playing with Alisa. More accurately - Ayla played with Alisa, Isa drifted around doing her own thing, Baz generally made a nuisance of himself because the girls didn't want to play with him, and I practiced speaking Russian with Mila, Alisa's nanny. I can now get through: "Hello, my name is Shana. What's your name?" ...I tested this out on a couple of the Russian acrobats at Cirque recently. It went fine, but then clearly I have nothing else to say afterwards!!

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