Sunday, July 18, 2010

The great outdoors

It's the weekend, and we decided to rent a car and get out of the city for a couple of days. Saturday we spent the day hiking around these waterfalls, the Sept Chutes ("Seven Falls"), and learning about the hydroelectric power plant that runs here. The site is less than an hour from Quebec City, and includes a mini water-park / playground area. How the kids found the energy for a playground after three hours of hiking is a mystery to me. They slept well that night.

Here's a photo of them checking out some bugs. (Daddy's territory, not mine.)

Then today, Sunday, we went biking in the Jacques Cartier National Park. There is an amazing network of bike trails around here - some paved, some packed-dirt, all really well-maintained. I've heard that there are bike trails like these that cross the full length of Canada. We're really enjoying these family outings, and Baz is getting better and better on his bike. We agree though, that next spring when we come back to the U.S., it's time to invest in a proper car bike rack, and two quality new bicycles for Baz and Ayla. They're riding craigslist-salvage stuff right now.

Here's my favorite pic from today.... a sweet little moment when we came across a fisherman, and the kids got to watch real fishing in action. He even caught a fish while we were watching!

Sign of the day - this one's from the waterfall park, just to make us parents feel good about bringing kids to the scenic overlooks...

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