Thursday, July 22, 2010

Premiering in Quebec

Apparently, in every city we go to, there will be a dress rehearsal, and a premiere. Last night (Wednesday the 21st) was the dress rehearsal for Quebec City, and Greg was able to get 4 tickets for us. It was an 8pm show - way later than I like to keep my kids out at night - but a nice opportunity to have real tickets, and see the show all the way through, instead of rushing in late with the last-minute tickets that we sometimes got in Montreal.

The dress rehearsal - sometimes called an "avant-premiere" - was played to a pretty full house. I guess everyone has a lot of friends in Quebec City that they give these tickets to. And everything about it was run like the actual show - announcements, intermission, concession sales.

It was especially nice for me to see some of the other wives and kids in attendance. Living so far away from the chapiteau here in Quebec, it's hard not to feel disconnected from the action. I'm inviting all of the families to come out to our house for a playdate next week, I hope many of them will be able to come.

The show itself was exciting, as always. Some small changes have been made since the last time we saw it - the Perch Pole costumes, for example, and some of the choreography of the Rings Trio, and the "Entreacte" sign at Intermission. Overall the artists did a great job, it looks like they are well-rested from the break. Supposedly the creation team is coming back in August to continue the show's development.

The show schedule so far is not quite as exhausting as Montreal - 8 shows per week instead of 10. But it's unclear still whether any of the "options" will be called in - these are a few shows listed as "possible" on the schedule, which would fill in the weeks a bit more. So far Totem seems quite popular in Quebec City ... everywhere you go (taxis, shops, restaurants) - people are talking about it. It has the national-pride factor of Cirque du Soleil, plus the hometown-pride factor of Robert Lepage, the director, who lives here.

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