Friday, July 16, 2010

Quebec City!

We are here in Quebec City staying in an amazing house! Here's the video I made to show off the place....


We arrived here on Monday, and Greg has a whole week off from work. Mostly it's been lazy time... we've been catching up on rest, exercise, hanging around the house with the kids, eating meals at home. We've been out for lots of walks, a few bike rides, and we've been to the pool across the street a couple of times. We've figured out the local bus routes, and found the library and the Cirque tent.

For the most part, this is a really wonderful place to be. The city of Quebec is, as everyone has told us, utterly charming. We are living about 1 mile outside of Vieux Quebec (and about 2 miles away from the Cirque tent). The house is an oasis, with so much space, and access to the outdoors, the kids and Greg are especially enjoying being able to stretch out. Me? I wish there were some kind of shops nearby that I could walk to. Even for milk and bread, I need to take a bus.

One night, feeling adventurous, we walked into Vieux Quebec to see the free, outdoor Cirque du Soleil show that runs here every night during the summertime. We don't know the whole story of this show, but it's called Les Chemins Invisibles, and it's somehow under CdS's auspices and also includes students from the Ecole Nationale de Cirque de Quebec.

Hundreds and hundreds of people line up to get into this event every night. It doesn't start till 9:30pm. And when you get in, you're in a gravel, outdoor basin, with stages and lighting set up around the perimeter. The rigging is hung off an overhead bridge.

I wasn't prepared for the challenge of having three little children, out late and night and scared and exhausted, clinging to me for a standing-only performance. They couldn't see, so we were constantly picking them up, and Isa was so confused and tired we had to hold her the entire time.

But we did get to see most of the performance, and it really is an interesting phenomenon. They've done their best to really use the outdoor space, and the moveable audience - performers appearing all over the place, coming through the center of the crowd, flying overhead on wires. And there are some real talents in the show. Lights and sound and music are all high-quality. But there were also some less-polished elements.

We've been doing a lot of just walking around the city. The kids are getting stronger all the time, I think we walked with them for about 3 hours today, up and down hills and staircases. Here they are on the Plains of Abraham, with a view of the St. Lawrence River behind them.

I've decided to start taking photos of particularly cool/interesting/funny signs that I discover in my travels. Here are the first two:

If you don't read French: the first one translates to, "you are going to ask the children, what are kites for" and the second one says "for cats only".


  1. You have a MANSION! How awesome - and love the signs...

  2. Is the reservation desk open? Thanks for the video and the insights.

  3. Wow, what an incredible house, Shana! I'm really enjoying following your blog. :)