Saturday, July 10, 2010


I promised the children they could each pick out one souvenir to buy in Montreal.

That's right, two pink teddy bears and a little gold Buddha. Can you guess whose is whose? ...what can I say, my kids are weird. If any of these items says "special Montreal memory" to you, let me know. But this shopping experience took over two hours of schlepping them around little tourist trap gift shops, being glared at by shopkeepers over "Do Not Touch!" signs. I was just relieved that they finally made their choices.

Our days here are still very full. We had one last trip to the Montreal Science Center. We've played at the playground, watched a couple of movies on iTunes, and the kids have come up with still-more hotel games. This weekend's top picks have been Making-Forts-Out-Of-Blankets and Circus/Puppet-Show. Circus/Puppet-Show, however, came to an untimely end when their "backstage" closet closed on someone's face. New rule to add to our list: No playing in closets. (also: No locking your sister or brother in a closet, at any time. I'm not kidding about that one.)

One more image to add to today's blog is this photo of the Luggage Truck. This morning, this giant tractor-trailer pulled up in front of our hotel, to take everyone's luggage to Quebec City. We joined in with 8 suitcases. This does not include the various overnight bags, backpacks of toys and books, and bikes, that we still have with us, which we'll transport with our rental car on Monday.

Everyone is excited to be moving on to Quebec City. There are two final shows tomorrow and then a short parade around the Old Port area, before packing up the tent and saying goodbye to Montreal.

It's been a tough week for the technicians on site. First they've had to deal with the massive heat wave - using every resource at their disposal to keep the tents cool, and even then the artists were struggling in the heat and humidity. And now it's break down time - the site has turned into a mega-construction zone, with forklifts and cases stacked everywhere. Families are not permitted on site during this final weekend, as they can't have any more people underfoot than necessary. They'll have 9 days to break everything down, move it up to Quebec City and then set it all back up again, before the shows begin there.


  1. When I was 12 we lived in Scotland and upon leaving myself and two siblings were given a little bit o' money to buy souvenirs. We returned with troll dolls dressed in kilts. My mother tells this story still. Who would have thought that the maternal experience would extend to souvenirs?

  2. you are more patient than me - 2 hours!!! Ahh!!!!
    We give the kids about 5 bucks to spend whenever they want - once it is gone, it's gone.....