Sunday, July 4, 2010

Visiting America

This past week, the kids and I took a short trip down to Plattsburgh, NY, to visit my relatives and to see Circus Smirkus.

What a great show! I was especially excited because a PSCA student, Aaron Berman, was in the show this year. (and he did a fantastic job!)
...I worked as a summer camp counselor for Circus Smirkus when I graduated from highschool in 1994. But I had never had the opportunity to see the big top show! So it was about time.

We had a wonderful trip, overall. We stayed with my Uncle Bob and Aunt Marilyn, who took great care of us. We got to visit my grandmother, who has had to settle into a nursing home over the past year. She was in good spirits, and it's good for my spirit to see her - it brings me back to so many memories of childhood.

I forgot to take my camera out during the Smirkus and Grandma portions of the trip, but I couldn't miss capturing Baz and Ayla's discovery of hunting. My Uncle Bob is an avid hunter, and took great care in showing them his collection of rifles and other hunting gear. Here they are checking out an elaborately decorated compound bow.

Note Baz's bright-orange hunting cap. He is now well-versed in the various reasons to wear bright orange, vs. camouflage, when out in the wilderness.

Uncle Bob and Aunt Marilyn were even kind enough to bring us back to Montreal on Saturday, and we were able to take them backstage at the Totem show. It was a fun ending to our visit with them, and we sent them home to celebrate July 4th and Uncle Bob's birthday in their beloved rural environment! Meanwhile, the kids and I rejoined the crazy-quilt cityscape of Cirque du Soleil.

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  1. Mari did Smirkus camp last summer and Kiri and I got to the see the show. It was INCREDIBLE. The fact that it was all young people was really astounding, their energy and skill was phenomenal. So awesome that one of your students was in the show this year!! Love reading your posts. What an experience for all of you!