Saturday, August 7, 2010

First Day of School

Today was Baz and Ayla's first day at the Cirque du Soleil school! Here we are on our bikes, getting ready to go. I have guests visiting this weekend (Patty, John, Rebecca and Erin) and was fortunately able to leave Isa with them, so I could focus on getting my big kids settled in.

When we got to the school, we had a parent meeting for the first hour. The teacher went over some basic information:

- school hours here in Quebec are 12:00noon - 5:45pm. They'll have lunch from 1:00pm-1:30pm, and a short recess mid-afternoon.

- "this is not a typical school. But it is still a real school. There will be homework, and exams."

- besides being a school ground, the area is also a work / construction site, so young children need to be accompanied where-ever they go (restroom, cafeteria, etc.) to avoid being run over by delivery trucks and forklifts. They are asked not to play underneath the trailers or touch the open power cables.

- the school calendar, 180 days, runs nearly year-round, with breaks coinciding with our in-between-cities dates. As a result, they will be in school next year for the full months of June and July.

- they were each given an individual printed schedule. Baz and Ayla's schedule looks like this:

ELA = English/Language Arts
HGC = History/Geography/Civics
FSL = French as a Second Language
ECR = ethics of some sort (?)

Baz and Ayla had a really good first day. They talked about games they played and projects they worked on; they like their teachers and they worked hard on their first homework assignment this evening. In my first glance at how they work in comparison to each other - Ayla, being new at writing and real school projects, wants to take the time to do everything very thoroughly - spelling each word letter by letter, coloring in every part of the picture. Baz wants to get his assignments done quickly, and just scribbles down whatever is the fastest.

I'm thrilled that they have French twice a week. Today they learned animals and colors.

In other news - surprise, surprise, Quebec is in the middle of another festival! ...this one is pretty fun. It's called the Fete de la Nouvelle France. Basically, the whole Old Quebec area turns into something like a Renaissance faire, with the time period being 17th & 18th century Quebec (New France at the time.) There are craft booths and performances and people walking around in character, and elbow-to-elbow crowds.


  1. You'll let us know what Ethics consists of. Saturday is a school day?

  2. sounds great! glad to hear they like the school!
    And I, too, want to know about ethics!

  3. I was just wondering today, "hmmm, have they started school, yet?" Thanks for the post! We're getting ready here. Still a few weeks to go, but we're ALL ready to go back (or start new in Peter's case). We will miss you all and look forward to seeing how much everyone's grown when you make it back.