Thursday, August 5, 2010


I'm so happy with the time and energy I've had for physical-fitness this summer. It's been 7 weeks since I left Philadelphia, and my regimen has been as follows:

Running - 15-20 miles per week
Boot Camp (strength training) - once per week
Yoga - 1-2 times per week

+ occasional Pilates and bike-riding.
Tomorrow I'll add a little bit of aerial work back into the mix.
...oh, and I forgot to mention stair-climbing! 4 of 5 times a week I head up the stairs behind our house, all 394 of them.

I feel strong and confident. It's great!

I don't have a specific goal for the end of the summer yet. But my longest run so far is 8 miles. I'm hoping to eventually get it up to 10 miles. (Broad Street Run next year, here I come!)

Sometimes, being out exercising, you come across things you would never see otherwise. Like hot-air balloons descending from flight at 7am. Or this rainbow over the St. Lawrence River, which we all got to see during a family bike ride the other day.


  1. I can't imagine running. There's a scientist who is claiming that our species success is due to an ability to do endurance running.
    but somehow I can't even run for a bus! Aerials, though....that I want to do but I don't know how it fits into species survival.

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  3. I'm sure your trapeze skills will come in useful somewhere along the line. And anyway, we really aren't being chased by grizzlies that much anymore. You'll be fine!

  4. Broad Street! So that means you'll be back then! It's good to have people I know doing the same race - I DO like having company!

    Incidentally, you'll probably find it easier than you expect, if you haven't done it before. :)

  5. Darn, now I've said it, that means I probably have to do it, right...? :) I'd love to try Broad St. next year but I am not entirely sure where in the world I'll be then. If within reach of Philadelphia, I'll put it on my calendar!
    ...on Labor Day in Massachusetts, where I'll be, there's a 10-mile race called The Marlborough Laborious Labor Day 10 Mile Fun Run. Doesn't that sound very UN-fun?