Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last days in Quebec City

Time to say goodbye to this lovely city, and to Canada, where we've spent a great summer. Here are a few images of our last couple of days here.

Isa with some of her little friends at the Cirque tent. It's fun for her to be the big kid once in a while. Pictured are Kiana, age 2, and Daria, who's 10 months old.

The last day of school, Saturday, was "tear-down" for the school - they had to pack all the books, computers etc. into road cases and close up the school trailer. It will all be loaded into shipping containers and sent across the ocean. Hard hats were required.

Today was a cool day, with the Quebec Marathon running right in front of our house! My Dad is here - he came back up to Quebec City to fetch us home, since we were unable to find a one-way van rental. Here's Grandpa with the kids, watching the marathon.

And as a fitting end to our summer of nonstop holidays, we had a surprise big fireworks display behind the house tonight. We had just tucked the kids into bed when the BOOMs started, and heard Baz yelling "Oh! Oh! Oh! FIREWORKS!" They had a great view of the whole show from their bedroom windows.

And one last favorite image. Baz and Ayla, on their way to school.

Au revoir, Quebec...!

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