Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some anecdotes

A few random little notes of things that have gone on with the Totem show in the last couple of weeks.

- One day, there was a bat in the Artistic Tent! Chaos ensued as the technicians had to chase it out.

- Greg told me recently that the costume staff, to disinfect the costumes on a regular basis when they can't be washed, use vodka. Not isopropyl alcohol or Febreeze - regular, off-the-shelf vodka.

- the cast of OVO recently made a video as a gift to the Totem artists - of themselves, in insect-mode, doing Totem's Finale Dance.

- A few of the Russian acrobat guys from the perch pole and Russian bar acts have a new hobby for their days off - fishing.

- Greg is happy that, during "fixation" week, when the creation team came back to tweak the show, a few transitions were changed to help the coherence of the storyline. Example: Now Greg collects a bowl from the unicycle ladies at the end of their act, to foreshadow his bowls act later on.

- The other day Baz skinned his knee outside the play tent. I was ready to go look for a bandaid, but the Head of Security said "I have a medic available!" So Martin came over with his full kit, and thoroughly cleaned and bandaged up my boy. Better treatment than he's ever had before for a scrape!

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