Sunday, September 19, 2010

The week in Philadelphia

Oh, Philadelphia. I love you dearly, but I am exhausted.
Our week here has so far included

- 7 playdates
- 1 birthday dinner party (with another one tomorrow)
- 1 engagement party (woo-hoo Dave and Rachel!)
- A whole bunch of strategy meetings, lunch meetings, & dinner meetings
- Teaching and observing classes at the circus school
- Quality time with in-laws and cousins
- Organizing the storage unit
- Shopping for birthday presents
- Wandering in the Wissahickon
- and a bunch of doctor's and dentist's appointments.

What it has NOT included: enough sleep, running, or reading!!
So I'm feeling a little drained.... like all of the great self-care I did over the summer is being undone with this hectic schedule. It is like I'm back in my old life again.

That said, the week has been full of so many good things. The kids have had great times visiting their much-missed friends. Here they are with some of their best buddies.

Noah and Baz

Scarlett and Ayla

Isa, Roxy and Nigel

And Greg and I have friends too! Greg took this photo with his phone, standing on top of a log across a creek. It's me and the kids having a picnic with the Dhondt family. The Dhondts recently returned from a 2-year stint living in France - just as we are departing for our own international adventures! While I'm sad that our travel schedules are so opposite, I really value their friendship, and I have learned a tremendous amount from following Rebecca's blog over the last two years. There is much common ground when taking young children out of the country for an extended period of time. ...I especially enjoyed conversing in French with their daughter Callie, who is 7 years old and quite fluent now! What an invaluable gift to have given her.

Greg, of course, has kept himself busy this week with projects. He recently completed (with the help of Tony, pictured) the installation of two Chinese poles at the circus school. These were built on the request of our Chinese acrobatics coach, Lin. It should be a fun new challenge for the PSCA community!

...OK Philadelphia, my eyes are closing. Time to say goodnight to all of your wonderfulness...

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