Saturday, October 2, 2010

First days in Amsterdam

In my current blur, I haven't had the presence of mind to take any pictures. But our two days here have included...

- Killer jet lag
- Mostly normal, fall weather, highs around 60 degrees
- One heavy downpour, during my run this evening (during which I also got quite lost)
- Awesome, swarming bike traffic
- Learning to use the metro
- Difficulty navigating the grocery store; finally buying a Dutch-English dictionary
- an elegant, spacious, apartment right in the heart of Waterlooplein
- teaching Isa to use a shower, since there is no bathtub
- buying portable plastic drawer units, since there are no shelves or cabinets
- accepting that our apartment complex must be the only place in the Netherlands that doesn't recycle
- getting together with our Totem friends; socializing at the tent, having playdates
- starting the kids back at school; one of their teachers is a new guy, David
- discovering that our credit cards don't work, and we have to use cash for everything
- and once in a while, stopping to look at the old buildings, the winding canals, and the cobblestones streets, to admire how beautiful everything is here.

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