Saturday, October 9, 2010


Some photos from the last few days...
To start off, an amusing sign.

Greg and I both said when we saw this, "DNA Spray? that must mean something else."
But our bus driver said "Oh, no, that's exactly what it means." and he explained this bizarre crime-fighting strategy they have adopted in Amsterdam. I won't even try to explain - you can read about it here:

DNA Spray

Here's a photo of me and the kids, sitting in the audience for the Dress Rehearsal of Totem. The girls have the clown noses because Daddy and Ante have just passed by in pre-show ("animation").

The play area has been set up at the site, and it's great. There is a tent, and an outside, fenced-in area, which has become an all-hours soccer field. In this picture you can see all 6 of the school kids, playing before classes: from left to right, it's Anthony, Sophia, Nikita, Baz, Ayla, and Igor.

And one last photo of my baby. Every day, when we walk past a certain gift shop, Isa has been admiring, petting, and pining over the large vase of wooden tulips outside. Today I bought some postcards there, and told the shopkeeper how much Isa loved his flowers. "Take one!" he said, "let her pick one out!" So, a truly thrilled-to-pieces little girl picked out her own wooden tulip, which she carried around for the rest of the day, at one point planting it in our local sandbox.


  1. Hi Shana! I absolutely adore your blog, and am so excited for Totem's run in London, where i'm seeing the evening show on January 15th. You must be having a fantastic time, and it sounds like a real experience for your adorable children.

    I was wondering whether you knew the answer to probably a very odd question. The stage of TOTEM is considerably lower than other Cirque du Soleil touring production, but sometimes the stage is adjusted for the Royal Albert Hall. I was wondering whether the stage for TOTEM will be raised when it plays in the Royal ALbert Hall, thus making it higher. I am hoping it won't be as I am fortunate enough to have front row seats this year and when the stage is too high the view can be restricted from here. Still should be fantastic whatever the outcome but I would love to put my paranoid mind at rest.

    Enjoy Amsterdam! Ben

    P.S. I am not very technically savvy, so I assume your response will either be in a post or another comment on this post?

  2. Hello Ben! Thanks for reading, and for your nice comments. Unfortunately I am not privy to any information about Totem's staging situation in London. I am as curious as you are. I would hope that the Royal Albert Hall would have some idea about that question. If it's anything like the tent show, when you sit in the front row before the show you might be intimidated by the stage setup, which makes it difficult to see anything right at the beginning - but that will change quickly, so don't panic.
    We're looking forward to London!