Saturday, October 23, 2010

More gym-going, and TunFun!

Day 3 of the all-Michael-Jackson-soundtrack gym.
And yet another disturbing rule to contend with - shoes worn outside on the street are not supposed to be worn in the gym. Which means that instead of throwing on my sneakers and walking a block to the gym, I am supposed to put on some other shoes and carry my sneakers inside. Oh my goodness.

It was a rainy, miserable day, so this afternoon Isa and I went with some friends across the street, at last, to TunFun. (I held out for three weeks without going, I was impressed with myself!) Three hours later, we finally left when they closed the place. We have some happy, tired little girls this evening.

Pictured are Kiana, age 2, from France, Gypsy, age 4, from Italy, and Isa, age 3.

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