Friday, October 1, 2010


Here we are, packed up and ready to board the shuttle into Logan Airport, in Boston. For those of you who are wondering, what does it take to move the Kennedy family around the world? The answer: 10 large suitcases, plus our 5 backpack carry-ons. One of the cases includes nothing but Greg's computer and office supplies; a second contains only juggling and aerial equipment.

Some lessons learned from this recent journey.

- Even though they're not traveling far, the kids' backpacks should really be replaced with rolling cases. Greg and I ended up having to carry the girls' backpacks almost everywhere, as they were too heavy for them.

- buying Baz a $25 suitcase at Target, which I should have known Greg would pack as tightly as humanly possible, was a bad call. Somewhere in checked-baggage-land, the zipper broke, the suitcase burst apart, and we collected it wrapped in plastic. The only item lost? His favorite stuffed animal.

- Iceland Air rocks. They fill the airplane with little Icelandic words and phrases and fun facts about the country. And they are very kind to children, offering them special foods, activities, and free headsets. Baz and I now think our next vacation should be to Iceland. They even have a place called Isafjordur!

- And lest I have any illusions about this in future - on an overnight flight with my kids, I will not get an ounce of sleep. Must plan accordingly.

More stories & pictures to come as we get ourselves organized in our new home in Amsterdam.

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