Monday, November 1, 2010


As expected, our Halloween festivities at Totem were great fun. It was a two-day extravaganza - on Saturday, the school kids organized a day of pumpkin-decorating, cookie-making, and an elaborately designed haunted-house.

On Sunday, there was trick-or-treating around all of the offices on site, and then a grown-up Halloween party after the shows ended in the evening. (we missed that. Had to get the sugared-up kids home and cleaned up!)

Here are the best pictures I have of Baz, Ayla and Isa's costumes. Baz was an Emperor of Evil, Ayla was a bride, and Isa was a skeleton. ("But not a scary skeleton. A happy skeleton!)


  1. One question - was 'emporer of evil' written on the costume bag or did you just make the costume fit the request? And also - there is no mention of candy - did they get to trick or treat?

  2. They actually named the costume Emperor of Evil. which is probably why Baz wanted it. Oh, and yes, there was candy - otherwise I'd have some pretty sad kids. They trick-or-treated at the offices. There were only about seven offices, but the office people don't seem to know the Halloween rules - they let the kids take fistfuls of candy, and fight over the leftovers, instead of one piece each! So they have enough sugar to last till next year. ....interestingly enough, very little chocolate. You may have noticed this, R., in Europe chocolate is not as common in kids' candies. Gummies, sugary stuff, etc. is all labeled for kids. CHOCOLATE - is usually the real deal, packaged elegantly for grownups. Since Hershey's and Reeses' have so little presence here, it affects the sweets kids commonly have.
    As always, I will not be sad when the Halloween candy is out of our house, but then it's not long till Christmas... and Valentine's... and Easter...