Friday, November 5, 2010

A hard week

My efforts at community-building have hit some roadbumps this week, and I’m feeling discouraged.

I was having a harder and harder time managing all of the school kids, taking them back and forth on my school-transport days. (we were taking turns.) I finally told the other parents I need a break - I want to just be responsible for my own three little ones for a while. In some ways this is harder, since I now have to bring them to and from school every day - it means there is time to do very little else. But at least it is just my kids - I know how to handle them, and I think this is going to bring my stress level down (I've been tearing my hair out, the last week or two, over this).

It means I'll be able to take advantage of the playgroups even less, since I'll be busy trekking from the site every evening.

And then, I found out today that I can no longer teach aerial lessons or kids' gymnastics classes in the Artistic Tent. The short story is that it's a liability problem for Cirque, and as much as they want to be welcoming to family members, the Artistic Tent needs to be reserved as a space for the artists. I fully understand this. But I am a little sad, because I was starting to enjoy some of these new activity groups that were coming together.

All this stuff, on top of recovering from a bad head cold earlier in the week, has left me somewhat adrift. It may take me a couple of days to re-locate my optimism.


  1. Hugs sweetie. 1 step forward - 2 steps back - that's often how it felt in France for me! I am proud of you for standing up for what YOU need for YOU in terms of commuting the kids to school - but it really seems insane to me - can't they come to you guys or something??? xoxoxo

  2. thanks luv - yeah, the commute is tough - it's the tradeoff we have in this city. Great lodgings, awesome neighborhood, really long distance to the site. As with every city, we enjoy the good parts, and remember, with the bad parts, that in only a few weeks it will all change again.