Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Images from the last few days

Yesterday was the 4th birthday party of Ilya, a child of a Russian Bar acrobat. It was held at the esteemed TunFun, and I made a very short movie so you can get a glimpse of this place.. .


Then, a few odds and ends of photos here in Amsterdam.

Greg buys these Big American frozen pizzas now - "Texas Style!" ...obviously the makers of these pizzas have never actually been to Texas. But the funniest thing is, there are instructions on the back in many, many different languages - except for English. ? It leads me to believe that they don't expect any actual Americans to buy these things.

Here's an innovation I like. The libraries here have a self-check system that I've never seen before. You scan your card, then put your books - a pile of them, up to 8 - on the platform. The machine can scan all the titles at once. You confirm on the touch-screen if it got everything correct. Once in awhile it misses a book,and you can rearrange the stack. It's incredibly quick and easy, like an X-ray library checkout.

And for one Totem image of the day - here's a picture looking up at the truss in the artistic tent, where one of the riggers is doing an inspection. They do thorough inspections at least once a week. I've been really impressed with their rigging staff, incredibly knowledgeable and experienced guys.

Onwards! A new week, Greg has just 9 shows this week and is able to go in a little later for training, so it should be a not-too-exhausting time ahead.


  1. The pizza is a Dr. Oetker whose products and person are well known in Europe. My cousin works for the company which is just expanding into the US market. He says they are a family owned and very nice company. I'll ask him why the Texas Pizza doesn't have directions in English.

  2. Ha!! Who'd have thought that the frozen pizza would have a six-degrees-of-separation sort of personal connection. That's too funny. Let me know if you learn anything interesting!

  3. Love that Isa is wearing her SUPERMAN shirt! And that place looks super fun...