Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More exploring

We continue to make the most of our time here. I chaperoned a school field trip last week to the Anne Frank House. (here is a photo of the six schoolkids) I was impressed, actually, with how much the little ones were able to absorb. In general, the House is recommended for ages 10 & up, and it's actually free for those under 10. But the story itself is fairly simple - bad people wanted to find the Jews and kill them, so this Jewish family went into hiding in this house. Kids love secret hideouts and the simple conflict of good vs. evil, and there are plenty of both elements here.
...I brought Isa along, as well, and I have to admit, she didn't quite get it. She thought, the whole time, that we were searching for the hiding people, and was rather upset when we didn't find them!!

Winter Wonderland street fairs have descended upon Amsterdam. The biggest one is quite close to us in the Rembrandtplein, and it includes an ice rink, a carousel, and food and game stands galore. Here is Isa partaking of one of the kids' favorite Dutch treats - oliebollen. It's somewhere between a donut and fried dough, in a ball.
(like the mittens on strings? is there a more iconic image of childhood, than mittens on a string?)

Today we went to Dam Square and checked out the animated display windows in De Bijenkorf, Amsterdam's big central department store. Isa was delighted, although I've got to say, these windows pale in comparison to the American versions, like Macy's in New York City. I think the Dutch have strengths in other areas.

...today has been such a full, and enjoyable day. Yoga class with Holly. Wandering the city streets with Isa. Little girls' ballet class. Going out for a drink with Kitsie and Chris, who are visiting from the States. Playgroup-organizing. Sending emails to old friends. All I need is to dig into a good novel before bedtime, and inner peace is achieved, for today at least...

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