Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Greg has a rare "double-dark" this week - Monday and Tuesday both off. We decided to use one of the days to get out of the city, and ventured out of Amsterdam to a little town called Naarden.

Naarden is a beautiful place. It's said to be the only remaining completely fortified town in the Netherlands - essentially a snowflake-shaped walled town. It is a great place to bring kids, as they can climb all around the embankments. In a couple of hours we managed to traverse the entire perimeter of the town, mostly from atop the walls.

It fascinated us to see how many offices and residences have been built into the old fortifications. Like hobbit-holes, only much bigger and more elaborate. Sometimes, while walking along the tops of the walls, we were looking down into people's glass roofs.

It was a chilly, gray day, and we hadn't anticipated all of the wet grass - all of our sneakers and jeans were thoroughly soaked, making us eager to get home for warm dry stuff at the end of the day. But we still very much enjoyed the adventure.

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