Thursday, December 2, 2010


December is here and the temperatures have dropped! It's been below freezing every day this week, and on several days it has snowed. Like the Amsterdam rain, just light, frequent drizzling, but this has resulted in a small amount of accumulation. The children are delighted. And as you can see, it has made for some lovely scenery.

The "no-Christmas-carols-sung-before-December" ban has been lifted, so our apartment is now filled with children singing "Jingle Bells" and "Rudolph" a bit too often. I think of some of the more modern, elegant, holiday songs that I've enjoyed as an adult, and realize it will probably be some years before I can have that kind of music at home again. For now I will try to embrace "Frosty the Snowman" and "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". Baz has developed a sudden fondness for Trans-Siberian Orchestra, which seems to make a good soundtrack for his simulated battle scenes.

Nothing seems to keep the Amsterdammers off their bikes.

In other news... Greg, along with a number of other Totem artists, received his 1-year Cirque du Soleil jacket this week. They have 1-year jackets, and I believe even nicer jackets for 5 and 10 and who knows how many more years. Though it's not quite up to these winter temperatures, it's a great fall or spring coat, and very cool to own. ....a memory... of the last week of 1994... Greg and I visiting Pat McGuire in Las Vegas, where he was performing with Mystere. It was my first time ever seeing the backstage of a Cirque du Soleil show, and I was very much in awe. I remember that Pat had a CdS jacket, which he let me wear one evening, and I was giddy. I'll have to make sure Greg doesn't let any teenage girls near his jacket.

Greg seriously cut his left index finger this week, doing some shoe repairs with a knife, and it has really made his training and performing difficult. A couple of days he's had to stop his training session because of the pain & mess, and he is not happy about it (nor are the physiotherapists)! Unfortunately it's hard to give his fingers any real rest.

We've been spending a little less time on site. Now that it's so cold outside, there really isn't any place for me to go with Isa, except for sitting in the kitchen, and that's not fun for very long. I'm hoping the temperatures will ease up soon so we can get out more.


  1. Poor Greg! Does this mean he may have to use his - gasp - understudy???? Hope he feels better soon and stay warm to everyone...

  2. Oh no, Greg is still doing the shows, just complaining a lot about the pain while doing them. He tried telling the physios that his finger hurt too much to do the finale dance, but that didn't work. :) Understudy is still waiting for a turn, 236 shows in.