Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve in London...

for Greg and me, it's our 17th together, and our 17th different city.

Memories of this one...
Marvelous Indian dinner. Always our favorite thing to do.
The police. I'll never forget the hundreds of transit police and event security staff that patrolled the streets of London tonight. All in fluorescent coats and helmets, barking instructions and preparing for any hell that might break loose. At one point we were stuck behind a barricade of them, as they blocked the entrance to the Underground station.
Fireworks. Seen in glimpses, behind buildings, as we walked, made me think eerily of a city being bombed. Flashes of light, loud explosions, people running through the streets. It was a little frightening.
Drunken lewd behavior. I'll leave that one to your imaginations.
They said there were 250,000 people watching the fireworks in central London tonight. I can only imagine how many were blocked out, as they closed the viewing areas early. I wish my view had been as good as this one! But I'll post the photo anyway, to celebrate.

And in the end, a new year begins... happy 2011!

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