Monday, December 27, 2010

A smattering of London, part 1

A quick rundown of our first few days here.

British traditions: opening Christmas crackers, watching the Queen's speech on the telly, going into red phone booths a la Doctor Who.

Hyde Park, across the street from our apartment - despite some lingering snow and ice, a good place for geese, and running races. (Baz can actually give me a run for my money now. at least, for very short runs.)

And at the far end of the park, gigantic Winter Wonderland amusement park. Here we are, our first time riding a Ferris wheel in December.

Found out that kids ride free on the London Underground. Woo-hoo!

The kids were able to patiently schlep through the crowded halls of the British Museum, admiring antiquities, for 2 hours, but were thrilled and relieved at the end to discover the quiet museum library, where they could settle into books and games.

We really enjoyed Christmas Dinner at the Hoop & Toy Pub. Cirque du Soleil rented it out, with a wonderfully catered meal, and we packed the place, artists, families, technicians, tour support staff. It was so warm, and enjoyable, to be surrounded by so many friends on Christmas night.

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