Saturday, December 4, 2010

Totem profiles - Nikita Moiseev

Nikita Moiseev, age 15, is a Russian/American who has been with Cirque du Soleil all his life.

Nikita’s father, Alexander Moiseev, is the coach of the Russian Bars act, and was the first to design & perform the Russian Bars, some 30 years ago. His youngest son is Nikita, and Nikita is now part of the act.

When Nikita was born, the family was in New York, on tour with Alegria. When Nikita was 3 years old, they settled in Las Vegas, while his father worked with O and Mystere. Then, when Nikita was 7, the family went back on the road with Alegria.

He started performing in Alegria when he was 8. For his first appearances, he came out onstage to make the pre-show announcements, and had a character role in the show. He also had a part in the Russian bar act. The flyer would hold little Nikita in his arms, and then do a flip on the bar.

When he got too big for this trick, Nikita began more serious acrobatic training, and he is now a flyer in his own right.

The Moiseevs left Alegria when Nikita was 13, to come to Montreal and begin the creation of Totem.

Now Nikita is in 10th grade. After he finishes his highschool years with the circus, he plans to go to a regular college. For the moment, however, he is enjoying the adventure of traveling, and being in the circus community with so many familiar faces.

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