Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Enchanted Palace

It's been very hard to resist the lure of the Enchanted Palace, these past three weeks here in London. From my front door I can practically see Kensington Palace, which is surrounded now by a fence bearing signs like this one. (that's Isa in the middle)

Kensington Palace itself is undergoing a multi-year renovation project, but they have opened up one section of it in a special exhibition, called the Enchanted Palace. Using modern art installations and costumed actors, it invites visitors to discover the stories of seven princesses who, at one time or another, inhabited the palace (including, most recently, the late Princess Diana).

The kids and I quite enjoyed it. It's set up as a quest, you are searching for the seven princesses through the different rooms. Some of the stories are so complicated, it's hard to keep track of who's who; and some of the art installations are seriously bizarre (see disembodied dress in above photo). But there were enough elegant princess-outfits, and grandiose state rooms, to keep us all fairly on track. We liked this room, the Gallery of War and Play, where you are invited to play with the King's Toys.

So now our curiosity is satisfied... the seven princesses who lived here are
Queen Mary II (1662 - 1694)
Queen Anne (1665 – 1714)
Queen Caroline (1683 -1737)
Princess Charlotte (1796 -1817)
Queen Victoria (1819 - 1901)
Princess Margaret (1930 - 2002)
Diana, Princess of Wales (1961 - 1997)


  1. That place looks incredible...I would love to go there! I love how you are not only going from city to city, but exploring all of the fun stuff too.

  2. Wow - that sounds awesome - great photo as well of the princess dress.... xoxo

  3. Yeah, on the way out they told us "No cameras!" ...but by that time I'd taken a dozen pictures, how come no one mentioned it earlier? ...some of the stories about the princesses were a little ghastly, as several of them actually died in the palace. We tried to skim over those details with the kids.