Saturday, January 22, 2011

January, onwards!

Just a few quick notes of recent goings-on.

Spending time with Isa this week - library storytime, ballet class, and more days at the Science Museum. We can't get enough of this place, constantly finding new areas to explore. This week's discovery was Pattern Pod, which, simply, rocks. Here's a picture of a station where you can use virtual finger paints to design kaleidoscopic images, which are then projected on the wall. Even the 2-year-olds were able to do this, and they loved it.

Baz and Ayla, in the meantime, had a good week back at school. Their Phys Ed program for London? Rock-climbing at a local gym.

My Mom and sister have arrived for a long weekend! So we are planning to see and do a lot in the next few days. Today we hit the Victoria & Albert Museum (much more interesting than I expected) and the Natural History Museum (super-crowded on a Saturday). Isa is a champion tourist, able to walk and stand around for hours. Erin observed that she's even mastered proper museum behavior, nodding appreciatively at artworks and looking thoughtful.

In other news, my Russian friend Nastya and I have made a new plan - instead of constantly speaking to each other in our mixed Russian/English garble, we're going to alternate days - Russian one day, English the next. We've been doing this for a few days now and it's super-challenging for us both, not to lapse into our native tongues. We're talking about having me teach English classes, starting in Charlotte.

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  1. Thanks for the update - glad you are still trying with Nastya! You'll get there.