Thursday, January 6, 2011

Premiere in London

Last night was the big event, Totem's premiere in London!
Premieres, in every city, are special, but this one had an extra level of excitement, inside the grandiose Royal Albert Hall. It is Totem's first time playing in a theater. I think we are all feeling a bit lost without our tent, but trying to enjoy the immense beauty of this space.

Before the show even started, there were some oddities - like this paparazzi-scene out in front of the RAH, where apparently a number of English celebrities posed for pictures. I hadn't heard of any of them, so you UK folks will have to tell me whether I should be impressed or not. Here they are. Now, if it had been circus celebrities, that would have been something else...!

Then there was the challenge of navigating the circular hall. Everyone working in here has warned me that it can be very confusing - they're not kidding! ...but with a little luck, I was seated with all the children just moments before the show began.

The show itself was not as wildly different in this space as I'd feared it might be. It filled the stage space very well, the sound quality was excellent (from the audience - the performers are having a hard time hearing from their side of it). Overall the show was clean, strong, and energetic. Everyone was relieved, since some technical glitches during the previous night's dress rehearsal had caused a lot of stress. We are thrilled to have our doubles trapeze act back in the show, and a new porter has joined the Russian bar team - but otherwise, the show is just what it was in Amsterdam.

After the show, we climbed to the top level of the theater for the Premiere Party. This photo shows the view of the theater from that level - in its empty, after-the-show state. It's a fascinating angle, several people have told me that the staging and video projections are wonderfully viewed from up here.

At the party we enjoyed this cake, topped with figurines of Nakotah, Massimo & Denise, and Umi! Stayed out till past midnight, which makes a record late-ness for the children getting to bed. Isa, at least, had a short nap, as she fell asleep in my lap during the second act of the show. :)

It was a lovely evening, celebratory and convivial. Despite my relative apart-ness from the show site in this city, with each passing month I am feeling more a part of the Totem family.

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