Sunday, February 13, 2011

A final day of sightseeing

I'm pretty sure this is really it, the last day the children and I drag ourselves all over London to check off more of our must-see list. Sometimes, the most enjoyable things, though, are the places we bump across in between our destinations. A few of those experiences today -

En route to St. James Palace, we meandered through St. James Park, admiring the waterfowl and the Blue Bridge. Coincidentally, the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace was going on, so we got to hear the music from the marching bands and watch soldiers strutting past, which the kids love.

At Westminster Cathedral we were able to go to the top of the observation tower, which has great views of London.

In the Bank area we stumbled across Leadenhall Market, which I've been told has some Harry Potter movie connotations.

And we had to check out St. Mary Axe, familiarly known as "The Gherkin". You can see why. I love the ancient church right in front of it.

For me, it's still the educational moments that I thrive on. Today I had to explain to them about Catholicism, and about King George VI and his stammering, and who the Prince of Wales is. I'm sure that Baz, Ayla and Isa have different favorite moments of the day - we made up new games to pass the time on the Underground, we discovered a restaurant that had kids-all-you-can-eat for 3 pounds, and heading down to the Central Line at one point we had to go down 128 steps.

No matter how you look at it, we're all exhausted.

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